(2012 CLASS)

"The Outlaw" started his career in 1989, winning numerous championships with other various organizations in Professional Wrestling, before making his way to CCW in 1991. He made an instant impact and became a household name  and eventually became partners with John Douglas to form one of the most feared tag teams in CCW history, "The Wranglers". Together they won several Tag Team Championships and remained atop the CCW Tag Team division for many years. Jamie Mckinnon would leave due to injury but made a shocking return to CCW in 2013. Like him or hate him, Mckinnon is a legend in CCW and he has his rightful place in the Hall of Honor.

In 2012, CCW took the opportunity to pay tribute to the stars that paved the way for what CCW is today. They enshrined them in what would be called the

"CCW Hall of Honor".

Below are the distinguished members.

(2012 CLASS)
Boone Anderson 

Boone Anderson started his career in 1981 at the age of 18 with Georgia Championship Wrestling but after 1 year he would move to Texas to branch out on his own and build a wrestling name for himself outside the spotlight of the famous Anderson name. After traveling and wrestling in several different territories, Boone made his way to CCW in 1994 and became CCW Champion on 2 different occasions. Boone also went on to be the interim Commissioner of CCW before becoming the Director of Talent Relations. What Boone has done and achieved in CCW through the years makes us proud to have him in the CCW Hall of Honor.

(2012 CLASS)
Hal Lee

Beginning in 1981 with the now defunct, East Coast Championship Wrestling, Hal Lee has been with 18 Federations throughout his illustrious wrestling  career. This includes three different stints in CCW. Along the road, he has garnered 6 different tag team championships, and five individual championships.  It is because of this success that Hal is still involved in the business today! Hal Lee is a man with alot to be proud of but we at CCW are beyond proud to call him a member of our "CCW Hall of Honor"!


(2013 CLASS)
Rick Miller

 Legendary CCW ring announcer Rick Miller worked in the wrestling business over 30 years. Miller was in the services of many different organizations over that time before bringing his skills to CCW in the latter part of 2002. Rick Miller announced and commentated matches involving several wrestling superstars from NWA, WCW, WWF/WWE, WCCW and TNA throughout his illustrious career. When you look at a who's who in the announcing World, you can't overlook Rick Miller. CCW is proud to have had him grace our ring and are privileged to induct him into the 2013 "CCW Hall of Honor".


(2013 CLASS)
Hartford Hart

Joining CCW in it's first year of existence, Hartford Hart Waters is one of only a few talented wrestlers to hold all the major championships in the CCW organization. He hlped change the face of wrestling and CCW when he became an original member of what would become one of the greatest stables in all of professional wrestling, The Diamond Dynasty. With acolades like that associated with your name, the only way to surpass that is by honoring Mr. Hartford Waters with an induction into the CCW  Hall of Honor.


(2014 CLASS)
"Showtime" Mike Carney
(2014 CLASS)
(2015 CLASS)
Diamond Dave
(2015 CLASS)
Krusher Knoph
(2016 CLASS)
"The Machine" Fred Avery
(2016 CLASS)
Mark Falcone
(2017 CLASS)
"Cowboy" Mark Bass
(2018 CLASS)
Samantha Steel
(2019 CLASS)
Butch Price
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